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Brochures have been considered as one of the most effective marketing strategies worldwide and this is showing true for Pakistan as well. With our custom brochures printing services, you can market your brand, showcase your services, and introduce your company to new customers anywhere in USA, UK, UAE and Canada.

You might be tempted to create a brochure yourself, but it really isn’t an easy job. It requires talented designers, who are experienced in this service as only creative and skilled designers can create custom brochures that are completely unique. Many agencies and freelancers offer this service, but they lack the finesse that is required to do this job successfully. We create eye-catching brochure designs that will impress any customer and intimidate all your brand’s competitors.

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Types of Brochure Designs we Provide

Brochures are a simple yet smart way to market your brand, it not only informs potential customers about your products and services, but it also helps your stand out from the sea of competitors, all eager to market themselves.

We offer the following type of brochure designs in Pakistan, USA, UK and Canada:

Brochure Designs

●       Accordion fold brochure
●       Folder brochure
●       Double parallel brochure
●       Gate-fold brochure
●       Double Gate-fold brochure

●       Bi-fold brochure
●       Tri-fold brochure
●       Booklet brochure
●       Flyer brochure
●       Insert brochure

Custom Brochure Design Packages & Pricing
Custom Brochure Designing

Why get Custom Brochures?

Brochures though offer a small amount of data but are attention-grabbing. They are the perfect marketing tactic, thanks to Digital Panda Agency, we will design the perfect brochure for you, and one that will make you stand out anywhere in USA, UK, UAE and Canada.

Brochures tell your brand’s story in minimum words, with a swift glance; customers have a good idea of the type of products or service you provide. They are also cost-effective so you won’t be spending much but, you will still be marketing your brand in a trendy and effective way.

Brochure Types:

●       Sales brochure
●       Product catalogue
●       Event brochure
●       Company profile
●       Datasheet
●       Menu
●       Pamphlet
●       Form

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Brochure Pages (Single Sided)
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2 Revisions
1 Designers Working On Your Project
Initial Concept Turnaround Time (2 Days)
Personal Manager
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Brochure Pages (8 To 12 Pages)
Trifold Brochure
5 Stock Photos
(Unlimited) Revisions
4 Designers Working On Your Project
Initial Concept Turnaround Time (2 Days)
Personal Manager
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Our Process

Digital Panda Agency is offering customized brochure design solutions in Pakistan, USA, UK and Canada. We stand out as a brand because of our ethical practices and quality-above-everything approach. When you order a customized brochure design, our team will get to work for you.

This is how our process is like:

  1. Fill out our questionnaire or tell us your requirements. We will offer you our input as well after assessing your company details and your brand identity.
  2. Choose from amongst the many brochure types that we offer like standard, folder, etc.
  3. Our expert designing team will get right down to business and will design you the perfect brochure, which will meet all your expectations.

After we have designed the brochure for you, we will double-check to make sure it meets our high standards of work. After that, we will deliver it to you. If you are not satisfied with it, we will work on it, till you are happy. We also have custom brochure printing packages.

Custom Brochure Design Packages
Brochure Design Packages

Why Choose Digital Panda Agency?

We are your best bet at having the perfect brochures. Our team is master of its craft; our designers know how to balance content and imagery. They know attractive brochures appeal to customers and design them in such a way that your brochures will look like a work of art.

We also take your needs under consideration and design and deliver brochures for you that are within your budget and provided timeframe.

You can expect the following from us:

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • High-quality work
  • Deadlines are strictly adhered to
  • Reasonable and affordable services
  • Prompt customer support

Call us anytime to request a quote!

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