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In recent years, there has been a massive surge in demand for paid search, and businesses are shifting their budget to pay per click (PPC) marketing. The PPC marketing works as placing ad space on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Businesses pay a reward amount of money to search engines and advertisers on each click and impression.

Click-through rate CTR defines a ratio of total clicks and impressions. An increase in CTR brings more targeted traffic and lead conversion for landing pages that drive sales and revenue to the businesses.

The core reason for the increasing popularity of paid search ads is showing targeted ad campaign results in less time and effort. It allows marketers to optimize bulk keywords at a single time. Businesses can focus broad audience reach and generate better revenues with a higher profit and return on investment.

Every year Google launches numerous updates for smart paid advertising campaigns. In the year 2020, here are the top six paid search updates you need to know:

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Narrows down Target Audience

One of the latest updates of paid search is the classification of audiences based on their age, gender, interest, income, and demographic location. Businesses now have the option to narrow down their audiences and create targeted ad campaigns.

Google ads introduce the latest features to add new conversion goals and capture new visitors from different locations of the world. Businesses can do remarketing campaigns and find active visitors who are looking for a similar search query to find relevant product ads on Google.

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Focus on Remarketing

Marketers are keeping a focus on remarketing to track previous buyers’ journey that has already visited and clicked their ads. It is a remarkable strategy to target old users who are willing to make a purchase again and buy products. Remarketing is a new way to convince previous buyers and confirm them to purchase products or services with trust and satisfaction.

The cost per acquisition (CPA) decreases from re-purchase and increases lead conversion and return on investment. The best remarketing PPC strategy is to re-align ads to meet your buyer expectation and grab instant attention to compel buyers to show their interest.

Smart Bidding Practices

The future of paid search ads is based on smart bidding practices. It is an advanced and automated PPC budget Campaign technique that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to save time, maximize conversion, and enhance performance.

Many marketers use smart bidding practices to optimize paid search marketing campaigns on user intent. These are ideal practices to fulfill various PPC goals from the right campaign bidding strategy at the right time. It increases local paid searches and improves cost per acquisition CPA of businesses.

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Create Targeted Landing Pages

Create Targeted Landing Pages

The increasing competition in the online paid search marketing industry makes it difficult to sustain for many new businesses. To keep a consistent position in the competitive market, modern companies need to find a different way to reach customers through targeted landing pages.

The best way is to create hyper-specific landing pages that focus on specific needs and queries of customers. It increases the ad performance and visibility with more chances of clicks and impressions to bring higher lead conversion.

Businesses can create relevant search and display ads to capture visitor attention depending on target location and audience market. The combination of ads and landing pages can provide customers useful and practical information about their product searches.

PPC Automation

PPC Automation is one of the revolutionary trends in the paid search industry that has changed the way of pay per click ad campaigns. It has made a shift from a manual to smart and automated bidding by using the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Paid Search Automation is not a novel concept; Google launched algorithm-based bidding techniques a decade ago that used to capture historical data to increase campaign performance. Now this concept has got more advanced and works on paid search ad queries to show a display to visitors. Businesses need to calculate the perfect bidding strategy for different goals. They need to set a bidding amount to increase conversion and cost per acquisition rate.

The ad should be optimized with high-quality content that drives higher clicks and impressions with a strong call to action. Businesses can enhance the cost per click (CPC) level for ads and convert ads into sales and revenue.

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Keeping a True Blend of SEO and PPC Together

SEO is a natural practice of ranking higher on search engines, while PPC is a paid technique to manage budget and targeted ad campaigns. The combination of SEO and PPC will bring about a drastic change in the field of digital marketing in the future. One of the best ways to integrate both organic and paid search practices is by using long-tail keywords in bidding campaigns to enhance the CRO rate.

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