Website Maintenance Support & Services

Any website needs maintenance to ensure its performance and adaptability. After setting up a website like an online e-commerce store, you would need to update, monitor, and provide technical support. By regularly maintaining the website, you tell your customers and visitors that you care about them and respect their time enough to give the most recent information. Digital Panda Agency is the best service provider for entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and organizations in Pakistan, USA, UK, and Canada.

For many people, your website will be how they discover your business. They will most likely browse the site, check out the different products and services, and if they like them, they’ll purchase and possibly become loyal customers. For this reason, it’s important that you regularly do a website maintenance check.

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WordPress Website Maintenance & Support Services

Whether you’re operating a blog, running an e-commerce website or handling any online guide, we will make sure your website is running as smooth as possible. The speed, functionality, and optimization of your website is our number 1 priority.

We offer the following website maintenance services:

  1. Bug fixes and error checking
  2. Updating existing content, or adding new images or content
  3. Quick turnaround time
  4. 24/7 phone and email support services
  5. Ensuring there are no broken links on the website
  6. Providing guidance on how to grow the site and run it effectively
  7. And much more!
Website Maintenance Services
Monthly Website Maintenance Packages & Pricing

Why do I Need a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan?

If you do not regularly update your website or don’t perform maintenance checks, your online presence will suffer; you will fall in ranking, less and less traffic will be directed to your website, and eventually, your brand will be forgotten. That’s why Digital Panda Agency offers monthly WordPress website maintenance packages so this doesn’t happen to your business.

A few benefits of having a website maintenance plan are:

  • Improved user experience
  • High-level security
  • Proper hosting
  • Having a handy website backup in case of the website ever crashing
  • Improves website’s search ranking

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3 Maximum Support Hours
Tech Support
Consulting Requests
2-5 days Turnaround Time
Update or correct website content
Damage pages & links repairing
Email/Domain/Hosting Support
Single Website Support
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Unlimited Monthly Requests
35 Maximum Support Hours
Tech Support
Consulting Requests
0-3 days Turnaround Time
Update or correct website content
Damage pages & links repairing
Email/Domain/Hosting Support
Two Websites Support
3rd Party Web Hosting Help
Form Creation
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PHP Scripting Help
CMS Support
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Choose Digital Panda Agency for the Best Website Maintenance Services in Pakistan, USA, UK, and Canada

We pride ourselves in being Pakistan’s top marketing agency. We believe there is no unimportant query or question, for us, all of our dealings with our customers takes utmost priority. Our values and dealings define who we are. Working on your website’s maintenance is a matter of pride for us; we will treat it like our own.

We carefully plan out each of our projects, work on them swiftly but with focus, and deliver them within the provided timeframe. You can count on our services as we don’t make false claims.

Other reasons to choose us:

  • Online and phone support system
  • Diverse skillset combined with experience
  • Full-service agency
  • Committed team
  • Different website maintenance pricing plans and options
Website Maintenance Services & Support

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